Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aloha Oe

After Sacrament meeting this afternoon,
Aloha Oe (the song of farewell) was sang to everyone
who won't be coming back after this semester.
Fresh Hawaiin leis were given to us too.
We're really going to miss Laie,
but our time here has been everything
we could've ever dreamed it would be.
We never thought Hawaii would turn into a place we could call
home away from home.
This semester has been filled with amazing people & experiences.

Even though we miss our families & friends,
We are happy we're not leaving just quite yet.
We still have two weeks left in paradise!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

2 on 1

When Natalie's bike got stolen,
Lindsi and Jamie quickly picked up on how to ride 2 on 1 bike,
so that Natalie could use a bike while riding places together.
Actually it would be better to say...
Lindsi quickly picked up on how to ride 2 on 1 bike,
because Jamie is always the one just hanging out in the back!
Double biking has defintely been a lot more entertaining.
We love our bikes and life is GREAT in Laie!

Prince Kuhio Day

No school on Thursday ---> BEACH DAY!

Lindsi, Melissa, Jamie, Cristina & Natalie

Cristina relaxing

Hawaii 2009

Melissa, Lindsi, Jamie, Richelle & Natalie

Working out is a necessity

And it's always better together!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Play in Kaneohe

Last weekend we went to a play at Winward Community College in Kaneohe with some of our friends that go to that school=True
Some of our guy friends asked us to come watch because they said they were going to be a part of the play=True
we made the trip just to see them & give them some support
and we were wondering what part these guys
could possibly have in their school play=True
They did an awesome job & were the stars of the show=False
Well, they fooled us. They weren't even in the play. Tricksters=True
I guess that was their way of making sure we came=True
Here's a couple pictures before we left the house
and a few goofy ones in the car on the way there.
We are having way too much fun together=TRUE!

Typical day at the beach

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hukilau Cafe

J.Linn & LJ went to the Hukilau Cafe for breakfast this morning. The cafe is right behind our house. We rolled out of bed (well, Jamie climbed) and decided to just head there in our pj pants. Walking to the cafe was literally the first thing we did when we got out of bed this morning...besides brush our teeth, of course! We were hungry for something other than cereal for breakfast. It was a great way to start off our Saturday. Our breakfasts were SO yummy! As my little brother would say, "It was rey-wee, rey-wee, rey-wee gud!" Translation: It was really, really, really, good!

Lindsi is the worst at deciding what to choose to eat. Jamie's favorite thing to do, when she goes out to eat, is to have her mom choose for her. But since she doesn't have her mom here, she has learned to deal. Somehow, Jamie always picks before Lindsi finally makes a decision!

Friday night Seasider game

Last night the regional tournament began and we watched the Seasiders beat Humboldt State 98-84. We bought some men's T-shirts at the bookstore to get tickets early so we wouldn't have to wait in any long lines. It was packed! We wish we had taken some pictures at the game, but my camera died. Woops! Well, here's some pictures we took together before the game.

We set the camera timer & put it on the kitchen table and took some crazy pictures. Being goofy is a daily thing in our house. We love laughing at each other & making things more fun.

Natalie and Cristina

Two inseparable cousins

Our good friend Richelle (lives below us) plays on the women's basketball team & they ended their season last week with a win against Hawaii Pacific. The men's team plays Cal State-Dominguez Hills tonight.

We live in Hawaii

Lots of times through out each week,
we have moments when we just look at each other & say,
"Wow, look around...we live here. We live in Hawaii."
We had a moment like that a few days ago
after we came home from being at the beach,
and there were about 10 towels hanging to dry on our balcony.
Wow, we live in Hawaii!

We have exactly one month left here and we're soaking it all in.
I hate math, but I know this much...
BYU + Hawaii + friends=unforgettable experience.